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Culinary Union & Bartender Housing Advantage

Culinary Union & Bartender Housing Advantage – Extra Benefits & Savings for Our Everyday Heroes

Presenting an appreciation for our hardworking backbone! Our unique Bundled Benefit Service Program is designed to uplift those who craft our everyday warmth – Culinary Union Workers and Bartenders. You may be eligible to decrease your monthly payments or funnel savings towards closing costs with this outstanding rebate. This concessional home loan program isn’t just a marketing gimmick, it’s our thank-you gesture for your unwavering dedication.

Are you a Culinary Union Worker or Bartender? Then, your perseverance and commitment matter to us. We’ve designed this program exclusively for you, absolutely free of hidden charges and bypassing any unnecessary paperwork. The process? It’s as neat and efficient as any standard real estate transaction you’d undertake. However, anticipate our real estate experts to stretch limits, cherry-pick the best propositions, and smooth the road for your home purchase or sale. We are here to make the journey easier.

Here’s the bright side, you yield significant financial benefits! Upon closing the purchase, you will receive 30% of our commission as a credit, our way of displaying our gratitude. This extra rebate keeps a hefty sum in your bank account or can be utilized to buy-down the interest rate. Either way, it’s yours to claim since you certainly have earned it. What’s more, these benefits are offered alongside your existing Culinary and Bartenders Housing Fund benefits, imparting even further support.

To those who swap their bartender aprons or union hard hats for a comfortable couch at the end of the day, your zealous nature never goes unrecognized. Our team is equally enthusiastic to assist both active and retired union workers and bartenders in the hunt for a place that resonates the feel of ‘Home’.

Explore our offer, and with a typical purchase price of $500,000, you could enjoy credit at closing worth $4,500 on average when you utilize our knowledgeable real estate experts. Acclimating to your schedule, credit capacity, and budget, our specialized team excels in unearthing the ideal home for you and your family. Engage with a support circle that acknowledges you for the pillar of strength you truly are! For more information on this program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Collaborate with one of our top lenders for even better advantages. We foster relationships with these elite financial providers due to their consistency in surpassing industry standards and offering competitively low rates and fees. In addition to receiving superior service and optimal rates, they can also credit your appraisal cost at closing, up to $600. This means even more savings find their way into your pocket. With us, the benefits keep coming!

Our commitment to you extends beyond just helping you buy a home. We also provide distinctive discounts when you decide to sell your property. For all your real estate requirements, we bring advantageous offerings, including reduced listing commissions and decreased property management fees tailored for our Union Workers and Bartenders – your unwavering service to the community makes you Heroes in our eyes. For the specifics of these benefits, please don’t hesitate to ask us… We’re here to help you make the most of your real estate transactions.

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