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The Wright Group Property Management

Our comprehensive property management aim to enrich and ease the experience for both property owners and tenants alike. For your better understanding, the following bullet points encapsulate why our services are a top recommendation from fellow brokers, property owners, and tenants. Kindly reach out for our Property Management Agreement, to gain an in-depth understanding of our services as well as the latest special offers we have in store for you.

The Wright Group Property Management offers expert property management and leasing services in Las Vegas, covering Single Family Homes, Townhouses, Condos, and High-Rise properties. Leveraging years of local experience, we assure peace of mind, exemplary customer service, and professional efficiency for all your property management requirements.

We can manage your Las Vegas Valley properties.

We Offer-

1. Advanced property management software that allows online tenant payments, direct owner deposits, requests for tenant repairs, owner reports, and vendor auditing.
2. Utilization of Google™ mapping to provide a wide visibility of our properties on all leading real estate rental sites, maximizing your property’s exposure.
3. Comprehensive background screenings including credit checks, previous eviction history, criminal records, terrorist and sex offender checks, along with past landlord verifications.
4. Inclusive promotion of our available rental properties across the most populous rental websites.
5. Round-the-clock access for tenants to report emergencies and convenient online portals for other requests.
6. Detailed property assessments featuring color photographic documentation supplied in a PDF format.
7. Marketing advice encompassing pricing and staging strategies to achieve high rents and low vacancy rates.
8. Expert handling of lease renewals, negotiations, and rent increases.
9. Tactful management of evictions to safeguard the property owner’s liability and property.
10. Provision of owners’ rent payments via direct deposit, paired with monthly financial statements.
11. Regular updates to property owners about important matters including repairs and payment delays.
12. Uninterrupted online access to property and fiscal information 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions-

1. What type of rental property tends to be the best? The rentals that perform best are those in good condition, located in appealing areas and are ready to be occupied. They attract high-quality tenants swiftly.

2. What can be the expected Return on Investment for a rental property? The net return on investment for rental properties depends on multiple aspects. Initially, you need to take into account your gross income, subtract expenses (and mortgage if the property is leveraged) to calculate the net ROI. Refer to our ROI Calculator for an accurate estimate.

3. How soon can my property be leased? The duration it takes to lease a property varies due to factors such as location, season, pricing, or recent upgrades. We at The Wright Group Property Management market your property intensively, aiming to secure a quality tenant promptly.

4. How much can my property be rented for? While our property owners often secure above-average rents, several factors may influence the rent a quality tenant is willing to pay. We provide accurate pricing through our experienced market research to maximize profits and minimize vacancies.

5. Who can I get in touch with when I need assistance or have questions? We are always available to help, reach out to us directly at 844-485-7653 or via email. If necessary, you can also contact our Broker/Property Manager,Richard Storrer at 702-228-7227.

6. When can I expect my rent money each month? Rent is due on the 1st of each month with a late fee applied after the 4th. On-time payments result in the owner’s draw being sent out on the 15th (unless a weekend or holiday). Our staff will keep you updated regarding any overdue rent. A summary of your rental income can be found online in your “Owner’s Portal”.

7. What happens if my property requires a repair? Repairs costing less than $75 are the tenant’s responsibility. If the repair costs under $200, it will be ordered by The Wright Group Property Management and deducted from the rent. Repairs above $200 need the owner’s consent. Regardless, we always try to inform you directly about any maintenance requirement.

8. What do your fees cover? Our competitive rates include fees for account setup, an operating reserve and management. There are also fees for marketing, lease renewals and cooperation with other brokers.

  • One-Time Account Setup – A $250 setup fee establishes your account and covers the property evaluation, a digital report including color photos, website setup & data entry into the property management software system, and coordination of keys, remotes, etc.
  • Operating Reserve – A $500 deposit is kept in our Trust Account and left on balance to cover costs of small repairs/maintenance.
  • Management – Our standard management fee is 8% of the monthly rent collected, with a $75 minimum fee. Our monthly management fees include: collection of rents, bookkeeping, monthly financial statements, issuance of late notices with follow-up to ensure timely collection of past due rents, oversight of eviction process, distribution of rents (including payment to vendors of any maintenance costs), collection and administration of deposits, evictions (not to include costs related to filing fees, posting fees, legal, and court costs).
  • Marketing – We advertise in all the major medias that get tenants attention.  We have a track record of bringing in more rents than other managers.  A one time leasing fee of $200 is paid only when we secure a new tenant.  We also cooperate with other brokers and normally offer a $300 commission to them (sometimes more depending on the property and the market conditions).
  • Lease Renewal – A $100 lease renewal fee is charged at time of new lease negotiated with tenant and re-evaluation of property condition.
  • Multiple Property Discounts and Bulk Discounts are available.  Call for details.

9. What is expected from the tenant? Beyond rent, the tenant is expected to undertake general maintenance like HVAC filter replacement every 30 days, routine repairs under $75, and keep the property in good standing. They are typically not responsible for appliance repair or replacement.

10. Do you manage my mortgage or association fees? No, the owner receives the funds and has full discretion on their utilization.

11. How to deal with HOA violations? We provide tenants with a copy of the CC&Rs and the Rules & Regulations to minimize violations. It is recommended that all HOA correspondence relating to your property is directed to The Wright Group Property Management for efficient resolution.

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