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Why Not Resales?

Why Granny’s Pad Trumps Barbie’s Dream House: Pledging Allegiance to Aged Abodes Over Fresh Bricks

Published October 14, 2023

Hello, real estate aficionados! Tangled in the debate between resale and new-build homes? Don’t foreclose on your dreams just yet! Together, we’ll voyage through the property terrain and decode the hard-to-resist appeal of resale homes. Just as a symphony is a blend of harmonious notes, purchasing a home, be it for the first time or a continuing chapter, marries excitement and nerve-wracking anticipation. Beyond the charming exteriors and modern amenities, lie questions about affordability, ideal neighborhood, and the decision between the glitz of new properties or the character of pre-owned ones. Amidst navigating market prices and architectural blueprints, ‘resale homes’ may evoke ideas of vintage or pre-loved, but let’s flip those cards. Envision homes of timeless elegance, established communities, and a golden opportunity to give your savings a boost. It’s not a compromise, but a shrewd checkmate in the property game. Dear home-seekers, you’re on the cusp of unraveling underrated champions of real estate – resale homes. They may have experienced seasons, just like the world’s best cheeses and wines, but doesn’t that add a certain charm? Let’s make our way through these treasure troves and uncover how these seasoned properties often offer a better return than their recently constructed counterparts.

1. Budget Blowout Beware:

Listen closely, budget gurus! Lurking in the dark corners of new constructions’ fine print, a ‘property tax’ phantom lies in wait, ready to spring an unsuspected monthly fiscal surprise on starry-eyed prospective owners. Don’t let the seduction of a reduced interest rate blind you while navigating the choppy waters of real estate, as this sparkling lure can mask the looming wand of skyrocketing property taxes. Now, let’s shine a revealing spotlight on another fixture of home buying: our tried-and-tested, venerable resale homes emerge as quiet heroes, capable of undergoing refinancing in the face of declining rates, thereby serving up a pleasant surprise in your mortgage diet. Don’t forget, the fiscal burden of property taxes can be a featherweight on the shoulders of resale homes, a stark contrast to their new-build brethren who often wrestle with significantly heftier taxation ‘dumbbells’. Now, how’s that for a thought-twister? Caught off guard, your shiny new property’s monthly payments may sprint up the fiscal staircase at break-neck speed, just so you can bask in the pleasure of virgin walls. Whereas, courtesy of possible refinancing during falling rates, a mature resale home can morph into your very own fiscal fairy, conjuring a handsome reduction in payments. Your crisp new home, still wafting with the scent of fresh paint and untrodden foundations, would require a precipitous interest rate nosedive to mirror a similar monthly figure dip – giving you more numbers to crunch on your quest for budget bliss. In the face-off between untouched modern finishes and nostalgic, wisdom-drenched existing homes- both with their unique tales, the scales of financial commitment and charming idiosyncrasies set the course for your real estate odyssey. A home-buying hat tip!

2. Decoding Dollar Decimals:

In the bewitching month of September 2022, the seasoned sages from the National Association of Realtors conveyed that the budding home buyer could adopt an existing U.S. home for an average of $391,000. In the inversely proportional world of numbers, the statistical wizards at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis portrayed a dazzling new home commanding an average of $517,700 during the identical phase—a staggering 32% price jump, which certainly isn’t loose change! If you’ve found yourself waltzing through the alluring aisles of ‘fresh-off-the-manufacture’ homes, a hefty price contrast with existing residences may have caught your eye. Substantiating your observation, the whiff of ‘new home smell’ reveals a 32% hearty price difference, challenging the very notion of its pricelessness. The quaint comfort of a pre-loved dwelling, strangely enough, seems a more wallet-friendly dance partner! So, as we tango through the realm of real estate, let’s remain clear-eyed and savvy!

3. Beware the Evasive Extra Costs:

Imagine the delightful tranquility as you comfortably sip hot cocoa, filled with gratification upon signing the dotted line for your new home. But suddenly, tranquility is broken by a plot twist – those unforeseen closing costs, the transfer tax and owners title policy to name a couple and let’s not forget the landscaping requirements after closing. Builders have mastered the art of eloquent disappearing acts when these extraneous bills emerge. Yet, it’s a different story with resale houses, where sellers step up and take the major brunt of those closing costs. An impending terrible joke never dropping its punchline bids comparable relief. Delving into numbers, it’s apparent that a resale home’s all-inclusive price tag provides transparency and simplicity particularly for the novice or second-time home buyers. There are no surprises, no unsought extras. Plus, you stand a good chance to negotiate some closing costs onto the seller’s plate. On the contrary, new home builders are less generous in most markets, our current market is an exception of biblical proportions. They have a knack for wriggling out of additional costs resulting in a painful addition of several grand to your purchase price. Unlike new homes, closing costs for existing ones are more predictable, often footed by the sellers themselves, offering a sigh of relief for homebuyers operating within a limited budget. Builders, however, have a reputation for not bearing such costs, effectively and effortlessly boosting your final expense, with an often-heftier initial deposit requirement.

4. The Carousel of Waiting Games:

In the labyrinth of real estate, patience may be lauded as a virtue; yet, when it comes to unfurling the welcome mat at your dream home, each ticking minute can morph into a chronicle of forever. Traverse down the path of new construction and you find yourself in an indefinite reality show of living out of suitcases. Your homely dreams, seemingly, sway capriciously to the rhythm of unpredictable weather, construction itineraries, and material availability, “the appliance package you bought, won’t be here for three months”. Flip this coin, and resale homes echo the no-nonsense charm of ‘what you see is what you get.’ Opting between a spanking new residence and an existing one starts resembling an impatient relay race to the climactic moment of turning your new front door’s key. Amidst this race, a freshly minted contract on a new-build may dazzle with optimism, but here’s the plot twist—it neither guarantees the fragrant whiff of your new bedroom nor the twinkle of your dream chandelier. Pipeline predicaments, permit puzzles or a construction schedule that moves slower than a squashed snail, can all fling colossal roadblocks on your path. Fancy another curveball? Most builders have an alacrity for sizable upfront deposits that seldom feature on the scorecards of resale homes. Enter the suspense-filled realm of new home acquisition and be thrown into a time loop, characterized by protracted anticipation and plot twists worthy of a nail-biting thriller. Yes, you’ve mastered the cryptic language of the contract and you’re now the proud owner of a home—except it’s currently an impressive slice of thin air. The ticking of the real estate clock keeps its pace even once the ink has dried on the contract, with the dream of an immediate move-in often on the distant horizon. By stark contrast, existing homes can pledge the serenity of immediate possession, where your metaphorical castle evolves seamlessly from paper to reality; enabling swift assimilation into an already humming community. So, not only is the gratification immediate, but school quality and neighborhood ambiance are familiar concerns, making your leap of faith into residential bliss somewhat less vertiginous.

5. Neighborhood Narratives:

“Step into the tangy thrills of the ‘Saga of the Suburbs’. Are you yearning for a tale that’s a tad more seasoned than whitewashed walls of a brand-new build? How about a home that’s also a raconteur of its neighborhood’s yore? It’s an age-old fable against today’s headline – an heirloom book filled with fascinating anecdotes in the margins, up against a newly minted magazine. But the allure of these time-tested homes doesn’t end at the front door – they’re nestled snugly in the embrace of rich, vivacious neighborhoods, showcasing peaceful parks, prestigious schools, and a ready-to-embrace-you community. In the quick-fire round of association, ‘established, trusted good-fellas of neighborhoods’ means the classic adage ‘location, location, location’ reimagined! These prime parcels of domesticity blow a trumpet of laudable learning camps, pre-vacuumed amenities, and a community vibe that’s no surprise but a warmly welcome fact. Mulling over the decision between an old-world charm and the glint of the new? It’s like solving a twisty, brain-teasing crossword on a laid-back Saturday. A brand-new residence might flutter its modern frills at you, but resale homes? They swing open the door to a community, that’s a reliable directory of schools, local businesses, and the most seasoned batch of neighborhood vibes.”

As our exhilarating escapade of property quest reaches its finale’s pivotal to commemorate this unique molten alloy of space that’s built from your quirks, rhythm of life, and fiscal nuances. The antique isn’t always a relic; at times, it’s a quaint charm incubating to be unraveled, an eloquent ode to ‘Old is Gold’. Buckle up for this property chase; it’s an equally adventurous journey, calling for a blueprint, the needle of due north, ready-to-gobble bites, and a strong shot of the Indiana Jones spirit to proficiently navigate the labyrinth of real estate. Equip your alertness hat, inject your arsenal with knowledge, and unleash your brick-and-mortar aspirations, bold homestead explorer! The captivating real estate realm is a harmonic balance of the futuristic fiestas and the time-honored temples, each aglow with distinct offerings. Your forthcoming habitat should be an intimate weave of your life, whether it’s the greenhorn in the neighborhood or a storyteller of long-gone eras. Bed on what strums the chords of your core and money matters – direct or knotty depends on the day! A home, after all, isn’t just the land where your heart settles; it’s also the treasure chest for a considerable slice of your earnings. Choose with discernment and usher in a favorable tilt in your property see-saw. Position for a high-yielding plunge into the vibrant real estate vortex! As we bid adieu with elegance, lay the red carpet for those modest resale nests, often eclipsed by their bright-eyed modern siblings. But remember, just like a robust vintage, some elements truly show their colors with time. Espouse the thrill of crafting a house from the blueprint or let the polished peculiarities of a pre-loved dwelling steal your heart – your selection should echo through both your emotional and financial corridors. Venture into the thrilling quest for your home, fresh off the press or historically timeworn – the chase being just as pulse-racing as the plunder! The old home vs. the new development is an artful ballet of budget, timelines, and subjective preferences. About carving your unique sanctuary, it’s sowing the seeds for your imminent exhilarating chapter. As the ink is set ready, future homemakers – let the symphony of house-hunting commence!

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