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Turning a Mess into a Must-Have with Professional Real Estate Photography

Picture Perfect Properties

Published November 8, 2023

Envision, if you will, a tableau reminiscent of the energy and vitality exhibited on a trending TikTok dance challenge – your real estate agent, entrenched in a whirlwind of activity. Living rooms are littered with a flurry of scatter cushions, seeming like the aftermath of a skirmish involving pillows. Ornamental decorations traverse the floor as though adhering to a fitness app’s step count regimen while blankets seek sanctuary in closets, analogous to confidential data behind a secured Instagram account. The frenetic scene seems more invigorating than any trending Twitter discourse. As your empathy for the agent begins to mount, your attention abruptly shifts, akin to an unexpected plot development in a Netflix drama.

The kitchen’s gleaming glass-and-steel battlefield carries the imprint of the previous morning’s breakfast disappointment. One might almost wonder if this is an unwitting outtake in the backdrop of the otherwise polished performance of real estate. In the vivid realm of property sales, first impressions hold as much sway as a compendium of likes on a celebrity’s Instagram post – each interaction significant yet fleeting. Here’s the twist: the window to captivate a potential buyer is as brief as the time it takes to scroll past an Instagram post.

Sure you can’t wait to eat here?
Is your mouth watering for breakfast?
What property would you want to view?

In the lightning-quick world of real estate trade, decisions are often as immediate as swipes on a popular dating app. Reflect on the property advertisements that held you spellbound, not unlike a gripping YouTube video. Was it the extensive, systematically outlined list of amenities that piqued your interest? Perhaps, in part. But generally, the arresting details were the appealing, pixel-perfect pictures that expertly encapsulated the essence of a ‘lived-in’ and yet ‘ready-for-you’ space. Those are the impressive “money shots” that direct the tide of appreciation in your favor.

Do you want to view this property?
Does this highlight the kitchen you want?
Does this scream move-in ready?

Prepare yourselves, for this is more than just real estate – it’s a riveting chronicle of scroll, likes, and swift decision-making!

The tumultuous turmoil I’m depicting? Visualize these depictions of disarray being the indelible imprints a potential buyer forms when viewing these sun-dappled residences expressed through the medium of real estate photography. Such disorganization not only offends the aesthetic, but it also significantly hampers the home-selling process like a proverbial black hole. For a little empirical grounding, let’s look at some numbers from the National Association of Realtors, which show a decisive 87% of buyers make their purchasing decision heavily based on those crucial photographs. More staggering is the fact gleaned from the Real Estate Oracle, Trulia, that a vast 84% of buyers essentially render listings without pictures invisible, akin to a novice Harry Potter wielding his invisibility cloak. This is indeed a significant game of property Monopoly, wouldn’t you agree?

I’m sure you are calling your agent asap for a viewing?
Wondering what you can’t see?
Does this appeal to the majority of the marketplace?

Here’s some hard-hitting intelligence: a home photographed by a professional doesn’t simply enchant the audience, but it sells 32% quicker and commands a 47% higher price per square foot. Thus, the narrative shifts from a ‘snap and pray’ approach to a strategic ‘professionally document and score.’

Do you care if your house is marketed on “the world wide web” like this?
Does this picture display the space?
What are we looking at?

Preparing a residence with a photoshoot in mind extends beyond a cursory sweep and vacuum. This process, encompassing decluttering, thorough cleaning, and proficient staging, shouldn’t fall within the task of the real estate agent. However, homeowners can significantly contribute by proactively tending to these areas, rather than shirking responsibility. And there is, indeed, a methodology to this seeming madness.

Your participation in this tangible, immersive reality spectacle? The game plan is clear: Bedazzle your abode. Harness your environmentally-sound cleaning supplies, reclaim harmony from chaos, and organize until what emerges are pristine, Instagram-worthy spaces. But, do maintain a sense of understated elegance; aim for a minimalist aesthetic reminiscent of Marie Kondo, rather than the crammed ambiance of extreme collectors.

The property displayed is up to you!
Clean space shows pride of ownership!
Take pride in your space and the buyers will pay you for it!

In need of a parallel? Consider your inaugural virtual date on a dating app. You wouldn’t inundate your prospective partner with your Aunt Mae’s turkey recipe anecdotes or insights from your extensive comic book knowledge, right? Similarly, prospective buyers yearn to envision their own lives within your space – don’t distract them with personal photos and overstocked shelves. Afford them the space and peace to envision their own narrative within the home.

Firstly, regarding the Kitchen: Maintain your high spirits, dear homeowners! Your chrome finishes and stainless-steel appliances are reflective mirrors of your dedicated efforts – every slight blemish feels like an unintended public viewing through an Instagram filter. With professional photoshoots, the minutest imperfections face the unforgiving scrutiny of the camera lens. Therefore, your kitchen surfaces should exude a cleanliness reminiscent of the meticulous design clarity found in UX UI design.

Is this inviting?
Can you see the space?
It doesn’t need to be vacant to show the great space!

Secondly, embrace the decluttering process with a Zen-like focus of a Headspace meditation session. A bedroom thronged with belongings does not make for a creative staging strategy; it gives off the ambience of a Netflix horror series, particularly to buyers who value minimalistic tranquility within their sanctuary. A few well-thought-out adjustments can greatly enhance the appeal – styled beds that mirror high-quality interior design Pinterest boards, carefully maintained lighting fixtures, and uncluttered nightstands. Note that in this visual composition of your home, every element is a protagonist, each contributing to the successful staging narrative.

Wonder if this was a hostage situation?
The internet is forever!
Just a little effort can go a long way $$$$!

In essence, professional real estate photography plays a pivotal role in successful property sale. Agents work to present properties in a visually pleasing manner, akin to Instagram’s algorithm, evoking a strong emotional pull compelling potential buyers to explore further. Poor MLS photos can negatively impact the attractiveness of a listing. Agents ensure that every aspect of the property is immaculately presented, from manicured lawns to well-lit rooms. Not only does the objective include a comprehensive virtual tour, but it also aims to showcase the property as a ready-to-move-in space. High-end detailing such as sparkling windows and stainless-steel appliances can inspire spontaneous home inspections.

Effective pictures create compelling narratives, fostering a strong emotional connection between potential buyers and the property. The goal extends beyond selling a property; it involves curating a captivating visual story that promotes aspirational lifestyle. Remember, in the digital world of real estate, it’s not just the location that matters, but also the presentation. So, ensure to present your property in its best light, because ultimately, it’s your home’s stage, ready for the spotlight. Don’t forget to visit our website to get a list of items to prepare for when scheduling your photos!

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