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    Viva Las Rentals?

    By Eric Wright | January 20, 2024

    Viva Las Rentals? A Quick Look into Short-Term Accommodations in Sin City! Published January 20, 2024 Airbnb in Vegas: Yay or Nay? As an aspiring property mogul in the dazzling city of Las Vegas, you might be daydreaming about turning your humble abode into a money-making machine through the alluring realm of short-term rentals. Ah,... Read More

    From Rent Checks to House Decks

    By Eric Wright | November 25, 2023

    From Renting Rumbles to Homeowner Humor: A Journey of Mcmansion Enjoyment! Published November 24, 2023 Why hello there, fellow inhabitants of the rental roller-coaster! This little cyberspace whisper is destined for you; yes, you who have done the arduous dance of accumulating savings, winced at the constriction of your budget more times than you’d like... Read More

    Turning a Mess into a Must-Have with Professional Real Estate Photography

    By Eric Wright | November 8, 2023

    Picture Perfect Properties Published November 8, 2023 Envision, if you will, a tableau reminiscent of the energy and vitality exhibited on a trending TikTok dance challenge – your real estate agent, entrenched in a whirlwind of activity. Living rooms are littered with a flurry of scatter cushions, seeming like the aftermath of a skirmish involving... Read More

    Lakeside Living

    By Eric Wright | November 2, 2023

    Lakeside Communities Published November 2, 2023 Considering a lakeside residence in Las Vegas? Some might be surprised by the thought of waterfront living in the desert, but it’s indeed a sought-after lifestyle in Vegas! Las Vegas is brimming with an array of lakefront homes for sale, it’s all about knowing where to search for them.... Read More

    Construction Defects

    By Jacci Wright | October 27, 2023

    House of Blunders: Navigating the Maze of Real Estate Defects & their Legal Dilemmas Published October 28, 2023 Introduction: The real estate industry often presents inherent hazards and risks, sitting comfortably among these are construction defects. Typically categorized into design, material, workmanship, and subsurface defects, these issues can significantly hamper the value of your property... Read More

    The Best Time to Buy is Now!

    By Eric Wright | October 19, 2023

    House Rich, Wallet Happy: 10 Ingenious Budget-Friendly Tips for New Home Shoppers! Published October 19, 2023 Hey there, bold homestead hunters, clever property prowlers, and savvy real estate rock-climbers! Revved up to navigate through the dense thicket of home buying? Stoked to flip your hard-earned dough into your dream castle – brilliant chess move, mate!... Read More

    Avoiding Foreclosure

    By Eric Wright | October 18, 2023

    Dodging the Potholes on the Forbearance Foxtrot: Savvy Steps for Homeowners Published October 18, 2023 Introduction As we wade through the aftermath of the Covid-19 epoch, many homeowners find themselves engaging in a delicate dance with financial adversity. This has consequently spotlighted the potentially ballet-saving pirouette known as mortgage forbearance. As with any ritzy choreography,... Read More

    Why Not Resales?

    By Eric Wright | October 14, 2023

    Why Granny’s Pad Trumps Barbie’s Dream House: Pledging Allegiance to Aged Abodes Over Fresh Bricks Published October 14, 2023 Hello, real estate aficionados! Tangled in the debate between resale and new-build homes? Don’t foreclose on your dreams just yet! Together, we’ll voyage through the property terrain and decode the hard-to-resist appeal of resale homes. Just... Read More

    Top 10 Realtor-Free Fairy Tales

    By Eric Wright | October 13, 2023

    Dancing Solo in the Real Estate Tango? Cue the Laugh Track! – Top 10 Realtor-Free Fairy Tales Skewered Published October 13, 2023 If you’ve ever gone deep-diving into the vast ocean of real estate forums, you might have bumped into enthusiasts vehemently advocating the joys of orchestrating their property affairs single-handedly; no mediating Realtors, no... Read More

    Backing Out? Probably Not!

    By Eric Wright | October 12, 2023

    House Hitch: The Real Estate Rollercoaster of Contract Backflip! Published October 12, 2023 Attention home sellers, reluctant dealers, assertive aficionados, or just those who simply like to keep their options open: This is a love letter to you! My name is contract, home selling contract, and I am a notoriously tough nut to crack. Pardon... Read More

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